Inspired by turquoise blue waters & desolate beaches, Holbox Mexico was the perfect palette for the pirate derived look we were after. We started with warm sun kissed skin and a smudgy black eye as if she had been laying shipwrecked on the beach for hours. Beauty Director Jillian Halouska explains how the concept began: "When we first started conceptualizing Ashley's beauty looks, Nico's first thought was the for hair to feel very pirate-like. Considering Isla Holbox was settled by pirates in the 18th century, the idea seemed almost too perfect. I purchased 2 packs of 24" hair wefts and multiple strings and leathers in burnt oranges, deep reds and bright teals to start the process of transforming her hair into a multidimensional look. After our arrival in Holbox I noticed how much of the nature on the island has been untouched (even cars are not allowed) and I drew quite a bit of inspiration from that. I wanted her hair to take on the textures and beauty of the environment. After I glued in all the extensions, I started dreading them and wrapping them up. Every time she had a break, or even took a nap, I was there adding in different layers of dreads and wrapping in beads from local stores in Holbox, and shells I found on the beach. Ashley wasn't allowed to wash her hair for the full 5 days so the sea water, sand, wind and all other elements of this beautiful island were present".

There is never truly a chance to create a character and build their story out to where the starting point of your inspiration began. Most of the time you are rushed through this process, having to trick the look into one day. To get the opportunity to authenticate a concept really made the beauty portion of this project such a wonderful experience.


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