com amor de portugal // BEAUTY - SAGRES, PORTUGAL


This story was all about being free and embracing the unexpected. After picking Bruna up at the airport, we began our journey to the south of Portugal, shooting all along the way. 

For me the most inspiring imagery for the beauty was inspired from vintage road trip photos of the 60's and 70's, the softness of the hair and makeup in old photos of my mothers, and the look of connection in the vast array of Woodstock candid Polaroids. I loved the beautiful way you could almost feel as if you were there, sharing the moment and experience. I wanted the beauty to be just that- organic and conveying the calmness and love of "be here now". I wasn't able to carry many beauty products due to space, so I brought the essentials, which seemed fitting. 

For her skin, I wanted it to encompass the beauty of youthfulness. To glow with the sense of adventure that only a road trip can make. To achieve this, I used a travel set from Herbivore, and had Bruna use the Blue Clay Soap every morning and night to purify and balance the skin. Travel takes such a toll on the skin, so I smoothed on the Orchid Face Oil to replenish the hydration and improve the elasticity after countless hours of driving, shooting, and exploring. Anytime her skin needed a "wake up" I would spritz the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist with its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. For her lips, I used their Coco Rose Lip Conditioner to not only protect, but also nourish and smooth them. 

I wanted her hair to to evoke an organic flow and sense of worry free movement. I envisioned it free of hard lines and shapes, leaving a feeling of gentle softness. I used Not Your Mothers Knotty To Nice Leave In Conditioner to moisturize and smooth the hair, giving me a jumping off point to create the rest of the look. I spritzed their Beach Babe Soft Waves and combed through. I would put her hair in a loose bun allowing the hair to dry and take on its natural shape and texture. After taking it down I smoothed in the Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair cream and ran a boat bristle brush though it. I allowed the hair to take on its own life, I didn't battle it. I let it be free and flow to its own accord