When we decided on Portugal as the location, Nico wanted the feeling of the shoot to have a "femme fatal" and "James Bond" 60's vibe. I pulled references from 2 influential females of that era; Claudia Cardenale- the ultimate 60's bombshell and Sandra Dee in "Gidget" the latter being an ode to my youth as my favorite childhood film.  Fusing together both Cardenale's sexy presence with Gidget's sense of wide eyed wonderment, I imagined Vanessa twirling through charming town squares, winding down cobblestoned Portuguese streets, sitting seaside during beautiful sunrises all with big bouncy hair, glamorous cat eyes, and glowing tanned skin. Having 5 days to shoot gave me the time to bring this vision alive, varying the looks with locations and letting Vanessa fully embody herself in the part of that styled yet effortless feeling of 60's beauty.

For the hair, I envisioned it to be quite literal. I wanted more than a nod to the era- I wanted to bring it back to life. I created clean parts with voluminous cascading hair, gorgeous large bee hives a bit undone with pieces fluttering on the seaside, pig tails with face framing side swept bangs, and the classic half up/half down with mega volume in the crown. I started each morning with a roller set, as if Vanessa went to a 1960's beauty shop to create a strong foundation of volume and texture that would last throughout the long shoot days. I needed to protect integrity of the hair while allowing movement and hold, so I prepped each set with Beyond Smooth Primer and used Keraflex Hairspray for touch ups from John Frieda's Frizz Ease line. These products were the building blocks to construct, mold, and design my vision.

I wanted Vanessa's skin to stand out- have its own place the story and feel as though there has been a time warp back to the 60's.  An era where a tan was the ultimate symbol of a healthy and glamorous lifestyle.  To achieve this, I started prepping her skin as soon as she arrived in Lisbon with St. Tropez's Body Polish and Tan Enhancing Moisturizer. I needed something that would nourish her skin but also last the entire shoot, so I used St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil on her body and the Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil on her face.  This gave me the perfect amount of bronzed beautiful skin with no need for reapplication the entire week.


JOHN FRIEDA for supplying hair product to achieve the voluminous bombshell hair
ST. TROPEZ TAN for helping us create the ultimate 60's  European vacation tan.